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robert newton

@pushing_4_changE www.pushing4change.com

founder & ceo | Hemet, CA 

Personal Life

"Post-college I spent a few years moving around the country, figuring out life. Southern California is now home, where I shack up with the Chief Marketing Officer and our 23 rescue goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and parrot on our animal sanctuary, Diego Farms. I work a grown-up job at Kaiser Permanente, but am better known as a full-time trail runner, animal welfare advocate and van life junkie." 

Our Hands Change

"This company was an idea constantly morphing and evolving in my brain for a few years until I finally decided to pull the trigger when I turned 30 in 2018. Running ultramarathons gave me the courage to 'just go for it' and I genuinely hope it creates a worldwide following to show how a few crazy people with their hearts set on changing the world can actually do it." 

jessica newton


chief marketing Officer | Hemet, CA

Personal Life

"After graduating college with a degree in public relations, I explored different parts of the country with our tireless founder turned husband, settling in sunny California. A former pit bull discriminant, I met a dog in 2012 who forever changed my life and view of the breed, whom we later named Hope. She inspired me to put my marketing skills to good use, volunteering for several animal rescues, two of which are pit bull-specific organizations. I marketed sweet adopt-a-bulls, educated myself on the breed and rescue life, and truly found myself and my place in the world." 


Our Hands Change

"I wanted to be a part of Our Hands Change to be in the service of others. As a fur mom to 23 rescue animals and a yogi, I want to help make the world a better place by supporting animal welfare and environmental causes I'm passionate about. I want to help those who need it most - from the mountains, to the oceans, to the rejected and mistreated animals, to all endangered species, the Earth is our home and is ours to protect. Be understanding, be accepting, be compassionate, and most of all, be k.i.n.d."

kara sanborn


creative director | Charlotte, NC

Personal Life

"I'm a former New Yorker now living a slower paced life in the South with my husband and our 2 rescue dogs, Joni & Pip. Full time graphic designer by day I love all things art, design, and animal related."

Our Hands Change

"I've always been an animal and nature lover, so when I was approached by Rob to help out with Our Hands it felt like a great fit for channeling my creativity into something I am passionate about."

holly sigafoos

@hollysigafoosphoto www.hollysigafoos.com

photographer | Dana point, ca

Personal Life

"I live in Southern California with my husband and two rescued pit bulls. I'm a full time photographer in the Orange County area and love what I do! I love being able to create beautiful memories for other people to cherish."

Our Hands Change

"I have a big heart for the pit bull breed. After getting to know Rob and Jess through a pit bull rescue, my husband and I wanted to find a way to support our friends and their mission!" 

Inspired By Hope

On October 16, 2012, Rob Newton came across an emaciated pit bull eating a dead animal on the side of the road. After gaining the dog's trust and loading her into his car, he drove to the local shelter where he was told she would be put down simply because she was a pit bull. Even after offering to pay for all of her care and to take her home after she was tended to, he was strictly told doing so would "technically be an adoption" and the shelter does NOT adopt pit bulls. 

Disheartened and disgusted, he brought her home and took matters into his own hands. He named her Hope and over the course of the next year she evolved into an amazing companion who loved to snuggle with the cats, sleep under the covers and play kong. After she completed her rehab with Rob, she found her furever home in Fayetteville, NC. 

Unbeknownst at the time, Hope planted a seed in Rob's mind to strive to make the world a little more compassionate. After her rescue, Rob got involved with a number of pit bull organizations, and seeing a need for a positive change in both pit bull reputation and his personal life, he created an ultra endurance project called Pushing 4 Change.


Chronicling his journey from 2015-2020 into the world of endurance sports, Rob evolved from a non-runner into a veteran ultra marathoner while raising thousands of dollars for animal welfare organizations around the globe. Completing races from 26.2 to 102.5 miles, Pushing 4 Change exceeded his wildest expectations. When the project began nearing its completion, Rob created Our Hands Change to continue his efforts beyond the world of running. 

"I never imagined a stray dog would alter my life so dramatically, but Hope instilled in me the courage to promote positive change in an exceedingly negative world. Not a single day goes by where I don't think about her and quietly thank her for making me who I am. 'Saving Hope' is tattooed on my wrist to serve as my constant reminder to be the change." - Rob Newton, Founder of Our Hands Change     

Belle, chiko, diego

professional wolfpack | hemet, ca

Personal Life

Belle was adopted in 2012 when she was six weeks old and now enjoys sleeping all day and acting like she hasn't been fed in weeks. Chiko was born in 2010 at a high-kill shelter and was adopted two days before he was scheduled to be euthanized - at eight weeks old. He now fetches Kong 24/7 and violently attacks the vacuum. Diego was a tiny, quiet, perfectly behaved little stray found in 2011 at about five weeks old. He is now a 120 lb rambunctious nightmare. 

Our Hands Change

"Every day our dad reminds us that not all dogs are respected and loved like we are. He has all of these silly quotes like 'Saving one Dog will not change the world - but surely for that one Dog the world will change forever' and pictures of practically every stray animal he's ever rescued plastered all over the walls. He's kind of nuts." 

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